About Me

I am a 30 year old Transvestite. I do go out as often as I can, primarily around Manchester and Birmingham, although not as often as I’d like to!

Where Am I from?

I live the in the very sensible county of the West Midlands, which has a limited, but growing Tgirl scene.

Why do I dress and when did I start?

Well, this is the million dollar question that we all get asked isn’t it girls? I dress basically because I love to, its mainly a desire to pass as a female, coupled with a sexual turn on. Ok, first of all, I am what I class to be a Transvestite, Tranny or Tv. I like to fully dress as a woman as often as I can trying to look as passable as possible. I am not an Undie Wearer or CD, who I tend to class as someone who purely just wears womens underwear, or dresses but does not pass, or even try to pass. Also, I am not Transsexual. I have not had, nor do I intend to have any form of Gender Realignment Surgery. I massively respect and admire the girls who have or are undergoing such surgery, but thats not for me. I am happy being a TV, dressing when I can, but intend on keeping my meat and two veg! I love to go the whole hog, wig, make-up and high heels :) I adore dressing and becoming a girl for a few hours whenever possible. For me this can be a sexual process, I do enjoy this and have a sense of arousal, but not always, and this is not the be all and end all of my dressing. To sum up why I dress and how I feel when dressed, I would say I feel very feminine, comfortable, relaxed, elegant, sexual and happy.

I guess my earliest memory of cross dressing is when I was 5 or 6. I can remember being fascinated my women, and in particular how great their legs looked in tights and high heels. It was at this age that I first crept into my Mums room to pinch and try on her tights. As I got older this progressed to lingerie and skirts / dresses. They all were a terrible fit being way too big, but that was it, I was hooked for life as I started down the long, winding road of Transvestitism, but just hadn’t quite realised it!

I continued to dress until my early teens when I realised what I am, and panicked. I was disgusted with myself, feeling that what I was doing was wrong, and that I was the only one to do this. For the next few years I tried to deal with the all too familiar feelings of guilt. I would stop dressing, saying that this would be the last time I would do it, and after a week or two, or even a month or two, that suppressed desire would just grab hold of me and I’d just have to dress, so back to my moms room I would creep! I began to accept what I was in my mid-teens, but found it very difficult. I hated wearing my moms stuff as it wasn’t my taste so wanted to buy my own. I found this far too scary so settled at just buying my own tights and stockings. I would have to keep anything that I bought hidden, so was limited to what I could buy, so for the next few years my dressing mainly consisted of tights & if I was lucky, stockings.

I was 19 when I properly accepted what I am, and started buying clothes, lingerie, shoes etc and dressing fully. But like all TVs I threw away all of my clothes & wigs, but the urge came back, and niccys wardrobe has grown and expanded even more.

Who knows that I dress?

A few TV friends, but no one else, so welcome to my world!!!.



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Contacting Me

I’m happy to receive calls or texts to my mobile 07815 883761 or if you wish, email me at nicola_shaw_escort@yahoo.co.uk.


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How Can I See You?

You can either visit me at my discrete apartment in Walsall, just 5 minutes from junction 10 of M6 and 20 minutes from Birmingham city centre, or I'm happy to visit you at either your home or a hotel.


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